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Katherine"s Symbiosis series depicts the idea of working with your subconscious (the animal) and that through the power of ones mind one can accomplish anything (the figure).

There is a natural force steering us; a desire, general energy or strong will. However, in most cases our subconscious mind stands in our way which produces doubt or negative thoughts. This 'doubt' depicted by the confronting animal is something we are forever trying to tame. Here the attention of the viewer is turned from the enormity of the animal (our fear) to the lone figure (confidently climbing and defiantly conquering it). Although we are small in the bigger scheme of things, if we choose to remain strong, harness our positive energy and thoughts, remain reflective and choose to be just in this moment that 'fear' can be mounted and that we can achieve anything.

Each work is of a limited edition ciglee reproduction of worldwide distribution of 60 each. These pieces can be either box mounted or delivered in a cylinder to be re-stretched.

'Pursuit of Happiness'