Kayden Bailey - 'The Flight Path' 160 cm w x 80 cm h

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Alcoholic Ink, acrylic and resin on printed canvas.

Part of the series 'In Flight' - can you spot the eagles?

The distinctive style of Kayden Bailey's artwork has a tremendous sense of movement and energy and can best be described as organic abstracts.

Since Kayden started experimenting with paint in 2015, his work has progressed and evolved into what he now appreciates to be guided by his ‘Inner Artist’. He approaches his art intuitively, a process that involves a complex layering of colours and paint that create an illusion of multiple layers and dimensions. “It is developed out of being in the flow and allowing the paint to take on its own life." The end result is a powerful reflection of nature and how all elements (heat, gravity, mixing) affect its outcome.

All his works are painted instinctively and unfold on their own course. "I have always believed that life is predestined so the irony of its final destination is at the core to all my paintings. I have had to tap back into trusting that and allow each of my works to find their own destiny.

His palette is mostly natural, however ultimately he introduces an intensity by adding a splash of red or a vivid green. “I work with a lot of turpentine in the paint,” says Kayden. “This allows it moves and flows across the canvas and likewise, if I'm using acrylic, I will use water. I like to paint on a large scale as this gives me complete freedom to express as I choose. Even with this freedom there is a sensitivity that evolves with fine lines indicating subtle edges and contours.”

These works embody the final phase of confidence and stand tribute to the hundreds of works that ultimately acted as preliminary sketches. "It has taken many hours of trial and error but I finally feel that these works have a voice of their own and I am happy to now exhibit them".

Kayden’s pieces are absolutely unique by virtue of his intuitive process and we look forward to seeing how organically his art career unfolds from here.

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